Exporting cURL command

Fluxzy provides feature to export an Exchange to a cURL command. Exported cURL command are provided in cmd and bash format to ensure compatibility with Windows and Unix-like systems with line break rules.

To export an exchange to a cURL command:

  • Select the exchange to export
  • In the right panel, choose the Tool tab then hit cURL, 4 options will be available:
    • Export to cmd
    • Export to bash
    • Export to cmd (with proxy config)
    • Export to bash (with proxy config)
    • postman export a cURL command that can be imported in Postman

Export as cURL with fluxzy

When exported with proxy config, the cURL command will include the running proxy configuration (option -x on cURL).

Here is an example of an exported cURL command in bash format:

Example with a curl/Bash export