Add HTTP headers

This is an example of alteration rule among many others. You can explore all rules available at Settings > Manage rules > Add a new rule.

Adding headers to requests and responses is made through adding a rule with a add request header or add response header action. You can referer to modifying traffic with rules for more information about rules.

  • Open rule management in one of the following ways:

    • Settings menu > manage rules
    • Status bar > active rule
    • Ctrl+T or Cmd+T to access the search everywhere tool, then type Manage rules
  • Click on Add a new rule button

  • Search for add response header and select it (use add request header if you want to add a header to the request)

Append a response header

  • Fill the form with the header values
  • Select a filter. The specified action will only be applied to requests that match the filter. For this example, we will choose Any requests.
  • Save everything, now Fluxzy Desktop will append the header to any response.