Enable PCAP capture

Enable raw capture

Fluxzy can capture raw packets from the OS along with regular HTTP datas.

To enable raw capture, first, make sure that all dependencies are installed.

Then, you can to the setting dialog (Menu Settings > Proxy Settings) and, in the section Raw packet capture, toggle enable raw capture .

How to enable raw capture in Fluxzy Desktop

For linux and macOS, you must set the toggle Run external process to capture raw packets to on to avoid running the whole app as root. In this case, a dedicated process will be spawned to capture raw packets and prompt for an elevation when needed.

Alternatively for macOS, you can install chmodBPF and keep the previous toggle to off.


Raw packets can be export individually (per TCP connection) or as a whole.

To export or open raw packets from a specific TCP connection:

  • select any exchanges using the connection.
  • In the right panel, choose the Connection tab then hit pcapng open or download button.

download PCAPNG

open will open the pcapng file in the default pcapng viewer while download will prompt to save the pcapng file to the hard drive.

To export all raw packets:

  • Go to the menu File > Export raw capture > Export to pcapng.

If NSS logs are available, it will be included in the pcapng file.

Enable PCAP capture

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