Breakpoints and live edit

Breakpoints are a powerful tool for debugging your http flows. They allow you to pause the execution of your code at a specific point and inspect the state of your application and apply some live changes.

Toogling breakpoints

There are several ways to toggle breakpoints in Fluxzy:

  • By replaying a previous request: Right-click on the exchange and select Replay and live edit.

replay an intercepted request with context menu

  • By activating live edit on incoming request: Menu Live edit the catch with filter or catch all button.

enabling breakpoint catch all

In either way, this will trigger the following dialog:

live edit dialog

Left panel will shows the current step where the paused exchange is located. There are three steps:

  • Connection set up: fluxzy is preparing to send the request, you can choose to use a new brand transport connection in this step (instead of reusing one from the pool)
  • Edit request: The request was received from the client but not sent yet. You can edit the request in this step.
  • Edit response: The response was received from the server but not sent yet. You can edit the response in this step.

In the last two steps, you will be able to modify the full content of the request or the response.

live edit raw header dialog

  • Use the forward >> button (or Skip this step) to continue the execution of the request until the next step, ignoring all changes
  • Use Save edit and continue to apply the changes and continue the execution of the request until the next step.
  • Use Skip this exchange to skip completely the current paused exchange.

Breakpoints and live edit

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