A modern HTTP debugger

Fluxzy is a modern HTTP debugger for Windows, macOS and Linux. It is a desktop application that allows you to inspect and debug HTTP traffic from any platform.

Fluxzy Desktop is based on an open source MITM engine you use, explore and contribute freely on GitHub.


Fluxzy is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. You can download the latest version from the official website. The installer is straightforward and will guide you through the installation process.

Windows and macOS binaries are signed with Fluxzy SAS certificate ensuring that the software is genuine and has not been tampered with.

An overview of the interface

Overview of fluxzy desktop



Cross-platform menu access is available from the top left corner of the application. In macOS, the menu is located in the top bar of the screen as per the macOS guidelines.

Capture button

The capture button triggered OS capture or source filtered OS capture.

Capture button

Search everywhere block

Search everywhere block

Search everywhere block navigates to any part of the application. It is accessible by pressing Ctrl+T or Cmd+T on macOS. Search everywhere block gives keyword access to: settings, filter management, rule management, browser capture launch, OS capture, and more.

View filters

Fluxzy Desktop view filters

View filters give quick access to most common used filter such as JSON content, POST method, 2XX status code, error status code, and more.

Live edit toolbar

Live edit toolbar of Fluxzy Desktop

Live edit toolbar gives quick access to HTTP debugging tools and breakpoints such as:

  • Halting on going request
  • Setting a filter on live edit
  • Clearing filters
  • Step into the next request

Left panel

Left panel give a realtime view of captured request (or request loaded from files).

Exchange list panel

Requests shown are ordered from the most recent to the oldest. Request date are taken from the instant where the request was asked by a client.

You can choose to show only specific columns by right-clicking on the header of the panel.

Right panel

Right panel is the main panel of the application. It shows the content of the request and the response that's currently selected in the left panel.

Right panel of Fluxzy Desktop

You can explore through the right panel various properties of the current captured request such as: request and response headers, request and response bodies, and the timing and performance information.

Fluxzy Desktop - Exchange timings

The bottom part of the right panel gives you acces to add metadatas to the current selected request. Metadatas can be comment inserted by the user, or tags that can be used to filter the request.

Overview panel

Overview panel gives a quick performance and statistics view of the currently shown request. You can access to this panel by clicking on the Overview tab in the right panel.

Tab to access overview panel

Overview panel leads to a quick view, statistics focused of the current request in the filter view. It helps the user to isolate quickly request generating bottlenecks in terms of performance.

Host distribution overview

Status bar

Status bar gives a quick view of the current state of the application. It shows the current state of the proxy, the current active rule, and the current active filter.

Fluxzy desktop status bar

Additionally, it gives quick access to the capture button, the filter mangement dialog, and the rule active dialog box.