Add a client certificate to the exchange. The client certificate will be used for establishing the mTLS authentication if the remote request it. The client certificate can be retrieved from the default store (my) or from a PKCS#12 file (.p12, pfx).
The certificate will not be stored in fluxzy settings and, therefore, must be available at runtime.

Evaluation scope

Evaluation scope defines the timing where this filter will be applied.

onAuthorityReceived This scope denotes the moment fluxzy is aware the destination authority. In a regular proxy connection, it will occur the moment where fluxzy parsed the CONNECT request.

YAML configuration name



The following table describes the customizable properties available for this action:

Property Type Description DefaultValue
clientCertificate.retrieveMode fluxzyDefault | fromUserStoreSerialNumber | fromUserStoreThumbPrint | fromPkcs12 Retrieve mode
clientCertificate.serialNumber string Serial number of a certificate available on user store
clientCertificate.thumbPrint string Thumbprint of a certificate available on user store (hex format)
clientCertificate.pkcs12File string Path to a PKCS#12 certificate
clientCertificate.pkcs12Password string Certificate passphrase when Pkcs12File is defined

Example of usage

The following examples apply this action to any exchanges

Use a certificate with serial number xxxxxx retrieved from for local user store to establish mTLS authentication.

- filter:
    typeKind: AnyFilter
  - typeKind: SetClientCertificateAction
      retrieveMode: FromUserStoreSerialNumber
      serialNumber: xxxxxx

.NET reference

View definition of SetClientCertificateAction for .NET integration.

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