Fluxzy Desktop v1.17.26

New features

Exchange analysis and statistics

Add exchange analysis and statistics : you can now quickly isolate exchanges having performance bottleneck and get statistics on exchanges by latency, size, ...

alt text


Add AverageThrottleAction in visual editor : this new action allows you to throttle exchanges transmission bandwidth. Exchanges that are affected by this action can be isolated by regular filter.


Add DelayAction in visual editor: this new action allows you to simulate high latency on exchanges

Add a way to capture all pcap files into single file :

   File > Export Raw capture > All in one file


Fix minor visual clutter: method layout word wrap on exchange table when the method name is too long

Fix minor ergonomy when clearing all exchanges: add a confirmation dialog.

Fix welcome page port when running captured browser. Newly captured browser's welcome page now points to the configured port instead of the default.


We update the Fluxzy.Core engine used by this version from 1.19.30 to 1.21.3. View release notes.