Search for a cookie value present in a set-cookie header response.If cookie name is not defined or empty, the filter will returns any cookie having the value.

Evaluation scope

Evaluation scope defines the timing where this filter will be applied.

responseHeaderReceivedFromRemote This scope occurs the moment fluxzy has done parsing the response header.

YAML configuration name



The following table describes the customizable properties available for this filter:

Property Type Description DefaultValue
name string Cookie name. Leave empty to match any cookies. This field is case sensitive
pattern string The string pattern to search
operation exact | contains | startsWith | endsWith | regex The search operation performed contains
caseSensitive boolean true if the Search should be case sensitive false
inverted boolean Negate the filter result false

Example of usage

This filter has no specific usage example

.NET reference

View definition of HasSetCookieOnResponseFilter for .NET integration.

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