Use a specific server certificate. Certificate can be retrieved from user store or from a PKCS12 file

Evaluation scope

Evaluation scope defines the timing where this filter will be applied.

onAuthorityReceived This scope denotes the moment fluxzy is aware the destination authority. In a regular proxy connection, it will occur the moment where fluxzy parsed the CONNECT request.

YAML configuration name



The following table describes the customizable properties available for this action:

Property Type Description DefaultValue
serverCertificate.retrieveMode fluxzyDefault | fromUserStoreSerialNumber | fromUserStoreThumbPrint | fromPkcs12 Retrieve mode
serverCertificate.serialNumber string Serial number of a certificate available on user store
serverCertificate.thumbPrint string Thumbprint of a certificate available on user store (hex format)
serverCertificate.pkcs12File string Path to a PKCS#12 certificate
serverCertificate.pkcs12Password string Certificate passphrase when Pkcs12File is defined

Example of usage

The following examples apply this action to any exchanges

Use a certificate with serial number xxxxxx retrieved from for local user as a server certificate.

- filter:
    typeKind: AnyFilter
  - typeKind: UseCertificateAction
      retrieveMode: FromUserStoreSerialNumber
      serialNumber: xxxxxx

.NET reference

View definition of UseCertificateAction for .NET integration.

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