Fluxzy Desktop v1.19.47

This version provides various improvements and bug fixes to enhance the overall user experience and performance of the application.

New features

Badges on request and response summary

Add quick badge on request and response summary for faster visual feedback. Badge are set on method, host, status code, content type, latency. The 4 first badges is linked to a filter that can be used to quickly isolate matching exchanges.

badge on request and response summary

Search header

Add ability to quick search among headers, search are persisted per session allowing you to navigate between requests and responses without losing the search term.

search request header

Append to current

Open feature now suggest to "close and open" (previously default feature) or "append to current", this option can be permanently set with the dialog box and in Settings > Ui settings > File Open Feature.

file open mode choice in settings

Duplicate exchange

Add duplicate action (Ctrl+D) to duplicate exchanges. Duplicate action can be found in the context menu of the exchange table or in the Edit menu.

Copy paste feature

Fluxzy Desktop now support copy pasting exchanges between instances. You can set the default copy behavior in Settings > UI settings > Copy behavior to skip exchanges having large bodies or assets. When using in memory Copy, you can paste exchanges through remote desktop (RDP and VNC) if the configuration is set to allow it. However, for linux user, xsel must be available in order to remote copy.

Better context menu on exchange table

Suggested filters are shown only when a particular column is selected. This prevent the context menu for being too crowded. Additionally, more exchange specific filters are added to the context menu (authorization header, query string, cookie).


  • Change default service port to 10985, previous port (5198) may conflict with other HYPER-V related services. Additionally, you can customize the service port though FLUXZY_DESKTOP_SERVICE_PORT variable.
  • Add button to reset archive cache in Settings
  • Last open files now available directly on home page
  • Add common status code search in Search everywhere.


  • Right click on exchange table making selection disappear.
  • Fix visual stuttering on wayland when fractional scaling is set.
  • Prevent re-opening the same file when no changes are made.
  • Fix temporary file overload when Fluxzy exits abnormally (or receiving a kill signal).
  • Fix issue with lower version on pkexec that prevents user from starting a raw packet capture.