Fluxzy Desktop v1.18.1

New features

A new refined UI

  • Improve overall UI performance and responsiveness.
  • Add a formatted JSON viewer for request and response body.

Previously used filters are now tracked and user can go back and forth between filters with regular browser navigation buttons (CmdorCtrl + left arrow, CmdorCtrl + right arrow).

Navigation button with filters

New actions

  • Chain to upstream proxy action : this new action allows you to chain specific host (or all) to an upstream HTTP proxy. Supports authentication.


  • Fix UI not restored when opening a file from the OS.
  • Fix overview tab needs a second click to display in certain cases.
  • Fix opening file from default explorer on every os
  • Fix selection disabled on text input

Fluxzy.Core engine update

We update the Fluxzy.Core engine used by this version from to 1.23.4. View release notes.

We are glad to hear your feedback on this release. Please feel free to reach out to us through our support page.