Fluxzy Desktop

Fluxzy Desktop is a a general purpose HTTP Debugger and a fluxzy archive/HAR reader.
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The current stable release of Fluxzy Desktop is v. It supersedes all previous releases.

Other platforms

Fluxzy Desktop is available for the following platforms. See release notes for v.

OS / Environment Installer Standalone zip
Windows 7/10/11 x64 v1.20.1 .exe (162 MB) v1.20.1 .zip (164 MB)
macOS (Intel) v1.20.1 .dmg (157 MB)
macOS (Apple Silicon) v1.20.1 .dmg (149 MB)
Debian based Linux x64 v1.20.1 .deb 1 (118 MB) v1.20.1 .zip (158 MB)
Red hat based Linux x64 v1.20.1 .rpm 2 (128 MB) v1.20.1 .zip (158 MB)

Fluxzy CLI

fluxzy is a command line application tool build around the fluxzy engine. There are several ways to install it on your system.

Via docker

Fluxzy CLI can be run in a lightweight container available on Docker Hub. Execute the CLI with a single command.

docker run -it fluxzy/fluxzy:latest --help

Via our Github CI/CD Release

Latest stable version are available on Github Release page.

Via installation scripts

Run the following command to install the latest stable version of Fluxzy CLI. Use the same command to update Fluxzy CLI.
Check the documentation page to get start quickly.

  bash | Copy command
curl -sL https://fluxzy.io/install/script/linux/latest | bash
  powershell | Copy command
iex (Invoke-RestMethod -Uri 'https://fluxzy.io/install/script/windows/latest')
  bash | Copy command
curl -sL https://fluxzy.io/install/script/macos/latest | bash
You may need reload your terminal after running the command.

Via standalone binaries

Fluxzy .NET packages

Stable versions of the .NET packages are available on nuget.org. Visit docs.fluxzy.io to get started quickly.

Kickoff examples are available at .NET documentation page . Official NuGet packages are signed by Fluxzy SAS.